This is the house of an unknown Artist! Woman or man, I don't know! The whole scene will probably disappear soon - I thought it might be a good idea, to show it to the world before!  If you are interested in facts: On the property will soon be an apartment building with 8 residential units, including underground parking. The normal displaces the extraordinary!                                                                   


Our life is what our thoughts make it!

(Marc Aurel)

Stop the War of Aggression now!

Natural Sculpture by J. Kath

Olympic Pandemia by J. Kath

Snake by J.Kath ©

Black & White Photography ©


The profile determines the identity - and the identity determines the image! Design is the 

No. 1 success factor for every company!

Das Profil bestimmt die Identität - und die Identität das Image!

Gestaltung ist der Erfolgsfaktor Nr. 1 für jede Unternehmung!

The design share of the brand value is 50 percent. At least! 

Der Design-Anteil am

Markenwert beträgt

50 Prozent. Mindestens!